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I’m a freelancer who travels the midwest fishing, hunting, and chasing adventure!




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I've been fishing and hunting for over 20 years. The product of a small dairy farm, it's no surprise I started fishing at the age of 6 and hunting at the age of 12. When your life revolves around the earth and its resources, you learn to love it.
By the time I was 10, I was driving the fourwheeler to the local river bank casting for pike and throwing twisty tails after walleye. Eventually this was replaced with evenings spent in the deer stand.  I was never into parties or shopping, I always preferred the woods and water.  
In 2012, I graduated a semester early with my Atmospheric Science Degree. During the previous 3.5 years I had the incredible opportunity working with atmospheric instrumentation on a research aircraft. This was where I was able to "fly" threw clouds taking measurements.  This opportunity led to a career with the North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network.  This changed my life, both financially, and personally.  Making a generous income, working independently, and relying on my hands and tools was empowering. Surprising all of the old farmers when a young woman showed up to do the labor was a bonus!
After meeting my husband in 2012 (during college), we have spent our time traveling the country chasing our outdoor adventures. I was able to spend time with him when he guided in Alaska, and he eventually decided to stay in the lower 48 to spend more time with me. 
My life has been nothing short of amazing, but I can't stop there.  Money and security are great, but life is far too short to stay complacent. I've since decided to take a chance on my dreams, and here I am today.